webEdition Download Archive

Online Installer

With the OnlineInstaller package you can install webEdition without uploading a large archive to your web server. It is the recommended installation method for users who don't have shell access to their web server. The latest stable releases are to be found in the directory releases and are named "OnlineInstaller_<VERSION>.php.zip".

Installation packages (tarballs)

Install webEdition offline using the installation archives (.tar.gz), also known as "tarball installation". It is advisable to extract the tarball directly on the server since uploading thousands of files via ftp will be very slow. In this case we recommend using the Online Installer. All stable releases (starting with version are to be found in the directory releases and are named "webEdition_<VERSION>.tar.gz".

Weekly builds

Weekly builds are created every monday night directly from the SVN trunk. These archives are to be used like the tarball release packages and include the same setup script to configure and install webEdition. But keep in mind that using a trunk checkout in a productive environment may result in data loss since this contains untested code! These packages are to be found in the directory weekly.


We just start to utilize the power of webEdition Applications. All right now available require webEdition version or newer! Download and place the tgz-file in the /webEdition/apps or in an /appinstall (created by webEdition) directory. Start the toolfactory to install the application. They can be found in frontend or applications/backend for Backend applications .

Old packages

In the directory old you may find some older and unsupported installation packages, but we recommend not to use them in production environments. They are provided only for upgrading installations of older webEdition versions to a current 6.x version by using the webEdition Online Update feature (this feature is currently only available for webEdition 5.x and newer).

Old documentation

In the directory old-documentation you may find some older and unsupported documentation to version 3,4 and 5.

Old demos

In the directory old-demos you may find some older and unsupported demo sites.
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